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Maladerm Veterinary Shampoo

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1) ask your nearest vet clinic or
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Maladerm Veterinary Shampoo is a unique skin shampoo with coat conditioners for
– healthier skin due to various skin problem causing.
– skin become healthier and stays healthy.
– Neem and Tea Tree Oil works in combination for double- action skin cleaning of various skin- problems causing.
-Aloe Vera cool, sooth and calm the skin for pet comfort.
– moisturizer and conditioner prevents dry skin,dry hair, skin cracking and promotes healing faster. Also cleans and degreases the coat. Natural occuring fragrance of moisturizer and conditioner eliminates foul body odor and mental depression due to skin problems. Improved pet’s temperament and disposition has been observed immediately after initial use.
– Maladerm Veterinary Shampoo is available only in veterinary clinics and hospitals. Never buy from petshops, online stores or non-qualified persons.
– Wet coat thoroughly with water. Apply and lather shampoo over the entire body allowing 10 minutes of contact time. Rinse completely with water. Repeat twice a week until symptoms subside, then once a week or as directed by the veterinarian.
– Can be used as often as possible to keep skin healthy.
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