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Vetz Cream®️ (with Chlorhexidine+Neem+ Aloe Vera)

Buy online and also available at petshops in Malaysia.
Vetz Cream®️ is a unique pet skin cream formulated for
  • various pet skin problems
  • kitten/puppy ear-tip skin problems
  • deep-open-skin problem
– Chlorhexidine. : for deep-skin cleaning
– Neem : for surface skin cleaning of various problem-cause.
– Aloe Vera + Virgin Coconut Oil+ 7 herbs : cooling, soothes and calm the sensitive skin
– Vitamin E : nourish skin
Ingredients are 100% non-toxic herbal in a thick base to ensure maximum coverage with minimum amount of cream.
(a) for surface skin problems:
Clean problem area. Remove any encrusted discharge or exudate. Wipe dry.
Apply Vetz Cream 2-3 time daily.
(b) for deep-open-skin problem.
Apply 2-3 times daily . Clean problem area. Remove any encrusted discharge or exudate . Wipe dry.Spray Dermattol Spray®️ into & around problem area. Absorb excess with tissue paper. Apply Vetz Cream®️ into deep-open- skin problem.

For various skin problems

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